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Welcome to FashionFlow™

New York People Solution (NYPS Tech) is a specialist systems provider dedicated to the apparel and footwear industries. Our products are designed exclusively for apparel and footwear companies.

We are a privately owned, specialist software company. Our core product is the FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP system, an enterprise-wide software application specifically designed and developed for apparel companies.

Why FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP?

Maximum potential to adapt to your business needs as it grows with free or low customization cost
Reason #1
  • Powerful software system made for the fashion industry
  • Customization to adapt to your business style at low cost
  • New reports/features without extra cost with SaaS (Software as a Service) contract
  • Security control down to column level without changing single bit of code
Reason #2
  • Industry experienced development & support
  • Reasonable cost of ownership
  • Reliable and guaranteed support
Reason #3
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces
  • Unlimited size handling
  • Real pre-pack systems (Style/Color/Size)
Reason #4
  • Powerful and accurate EDI engine
  • Enterprise level user security
  • Smooth migration from existing systems

FashionFlow™ utilizes multitasking

Accouting 90%
PDM 95%
Distribution 85%
Production & Import 75%