FashionFlow™ System Highlights

Why choose the FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP Software Suite over others?

Key benefits of FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP’s approach to business integration in the apparel / footwear / accessory sectors includes:

  • Unlimited Size Scale

FashionFlow Apparel ERP can provide unlimited size scale under the same style/color combination

  • Customized Implementation

Our customized implementation option can provide best fit for customer’s business type and also provide custom features upon request as the business dynamic changes (Invoice design per installation)

  • Pack System

Product can be received and shipped in multi color/size pack and inventory will be adjusted accordingly. Color/Size PrePack EDI order process is also possible with this Pack system.

  • Size Material

BOM can manage material consumption down to the size level such as zippers, buttons as well as fabrics to make inventory forecast and usage recorded accurately.

  • Automated Packing – No more manual boxing!

Buyer dependant assortment setup at the style level will help to create box when the system creates Pick Tickets or Invoices

  • Labeling

Product labels and EDI shipping labels are provided by dedicated modules

  • Production Tracking

Accurate production status information through Sales Order/CUT-PO link feature. This is must feature for Make-to-order business who wants to keep track of their production status per order

  • Sample Tracking – Stop losing your samples!

Sample sign out management with customer, supplier, PR agent, or employee
Locate sample’s current location and expected return

  • Status Control

Each transaction interface has pending/confirm/closed status to bring you reliable data integrity

  • Multi Store/Distribution Center

Customer address can have multiple shipping/billing/distro location

  • EDI – Eliminate double data entry for your EDI transaction!

Department store EDI PO/ASN/VICS BOL/810 and Factor order approval/invoice can be processed through EDI modules

  • Multi Company/Multi Division/Multi Warehouse

ERP System can be configured to be used for Multi Company/Division/Warehouse to server global enterprise

  • Document Library

Important data entry points such as Customer, Sales Order, Cut Ticket also provides a document library feature which will assure everyone using this system can share the documents through the system without any additional file sharing system

  • Advanced User Security

The FashionFlow Security system was designed to meet the needs of a large-enterprise environment. It will give interface and column level of security for each user to give flexibility in terms of user security without single line of coding

  • Integration with retail POS, e-Commerce Platforms (Shopify, Magento)

FashionFlow backend database system can be integrated with 3rd party POS systems such as CounterPoint SQL or Retail Pro and also it is capable of integrate with e-Commerce platform so the on-line order come all the way to the Fashion Flow pick ticket so the warehouse staff will simply ship against the e-Commerce order without any manual order entry or creating pick tickets.

  • Free integration option for Order Processing software (NuOrder, Joor)

FashionFlow ERP System is providing Order Processing Software (JOOR, NuOrder) order file import module at no additional cost

  • Repair Tracking

Repair tracking feature helps user to receive and process returns for the repair without creating credit memo or inventory changes