About FashionFlow™

FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP supports apparel companies, and covers all of the core business functions:
sales, sourcing, manufacturing, stock, warehouse management, distribution and financial. FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP also has functionality to manage retail outlets and concessions, and is hugely scalable to support from 5 to more than 500 users. FashionFlow™ Apparel ERP Application is powered by the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Technology.

  • PLM

FashionFlow™ PLM enables your teams to keep all of your important product development, tech pack, and product & sample cost information in a single, secure and accessible location.

With FashionFlow™ PLM, you can effectively reduce time-to-market by streamlining communication with vendors. It provides a standardized means of communicating with design and product development departments, and increases management visibility into product development activities and costs. FashionFlow™ PLM enables everyone to make better informed and more timely decisions.

FashionFlow™ PLM time & action calendars enable you to track overseas or local production to ensure on-time production and delivery to customers. It also tracks labeling purchases to shore-to -shore and other vendors and automates the process by communicating your label needs electronically and specific to your finished goods production needs.

  • Tech Pack Management
  • View Images, Specs, Design Scan files
  • Auto Spec Grading
  • Sample Evaluation, Costing, Tracking
  • Product Specifications
  • Multiple Bill of Materials Tracking link to Product Master
  • Raw Materials Management
  • Automated Email Capable
  • Label File Management
  • Production Tracking (Action Calendar)
  • Line Sheet Generation (Multi currency W/S & MSRP)


  • Distribution

Sales order entry, Easy product selection, Create order by duplication, Order Distro, Order documentation, Order allocation, Multi order allocation, Allocation by warehouse, Inventory check (Prevent negative inventory).
Full size run allocation only option, Multi/Consolidated pick ticket creation, Multiple pick ticket creation from multiple sales orders, Consolidated pick ticket from multiple sales orders (Per customer/PO), Boxing/Label, Scan & boxing create shipping label, UPS, FedEx tracking number link, RMA, Receiving management, Bill of lading (VICS standard BOL format), Physical Inventory Module(Snapshot/New Count)

  • Auto Bulk Draw Down from EDI Orders
  • ATS (Available To Sell) Reporting
  • Credit Management
  • Visibility into Pick, Pack, and Ship Functions
  • Cut to Order
  • Retail Trading Partner Compliance
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Inventory Allocation Rules and Priorities
  • Sales Rep Level security
  • Manage Units, Pre-packs, or Both
  • Time Phased Availability
  • Commission Reporting
  • E-mail Invoicing
  • Inventory cycle count module
  • Warehouse to warehouse Transfer


  • Production & Import

Cut ticket(Manufacturing) / Style PO(Import) multi location process, Multi location CUT/PO tracking Cut Ticket/Style PO print with style image, Fabric/Trim usage log, Customizable production detail information Sales order linkage (Create Cut/PO from sales order), Cut/Production PO related documents management

  • Finished Goods Production
  • Costing (Bill Of Material)
  • Multiple BOM per location/vendor
  • Material inventory adjustment
  • CUT/PO material used log auto creation and discrepancy report
  • Perpetual inventory transaction reporting
  • Cut & Sold
  • Production capacity with availability material
  • Consolidated receiving from multiple CUT/PO
  • Warehouse receiving module
  • WIP value report


  • Sample Tracking

FashionFlow™ Sample Tracking System will provide you Sample library, sample sign out and return management feature which makes you to be able to control your sample effectively

  • Sample Costing
  • Sample Sign Out
  • Sample Tracking
  • Sample bar code label printing/scanning
  • Sample package bar coded tag printing/scanning


  • Material

BOM (Multiple cost sheet management per product BOM copy/paste), Material forecasting (Calculate material required by yield in BOM and sales ordered qty Linkage to material PO), Material PO (Fabric, Trim), Material PO tracking (Multi location tracking for multiple production/sourcing), Material receiving (Prepare receiving slip for warehouse to process to receive), Material inventory adjustment (Making inventory adjustment according to loss or damage)

  • Material PO tracking with ETA for production schedule support
  • Material availability report with selected production
  • Material consumption management per size
  • Material requirements report with auto PO creation


  • Warehouse Management System

FashionFlow™ WMS brings a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your distribution operations. If you are looking to eliminate lost sales, costly overhead, returns, and inaccurate inventory, FashionFlow™ WMS is the answer for you.
By controlling user picking and packing operations, FashionFlow™ WMS brings greater efficiency to your operation by eliminating time wasted by not knowing where goods are or what goods go in which box. FashionFlow™ WMS gives you visibility into your inventory with real-time transactions. Scan Boxing & Shipping, Scan receiving (Cut/Style PO/RMA), Mobile Warehouse Module, Public Warehouse EDI Link (Inventory Receiving Advice, Shipping Advice), Shipment Tracking Information Integration.

  • Inventory Location Number
  • Scan Warehouse Transfer
  • Cycle Counting (Physical Inventory)
  • Receiving/Shipping/Transfer History Reporting
  • UCC 128 Label Compliance
  • UPS World Ship Integration with Tracking Number
  • Carton Control Inbound and Outbound
  • Outbound ASN Generation to Retailers
  • JC Penney 753 754
  • Pre-Pack Management
  • Scan Packing
  • Manifesting
  • Scan Receiving
  • Full Physical Inventory
  • Repair Receiving


  • User Security

Interface level access security, User interface level add/read/modify capability, Column level access security, Column level add/read/modify capability, Enterprise level security model, Virtually any interface or column can be isolated for customized security access

  • Windows level interface access control
  • Column level interface access control
  • Code table access control
  • Authority copy
  • Computer access control by MAC address


  • Accounting

FashionFlow™ accounting module eliminates the need for double entry of sales, cost information, AR, and inventory information into your General Ledger. FashionFlow™ accounting modules AR, AP, and GL systems are part of  FashionFlow™ ERP system, which allows users to automatically post sales, cost of goods sold, and other important financial information. Built-in reporting will automatically identify any out-of-balance GL conditions; saving you countless hours searching for discrepancies.

The feature-rich FashionFlow™ accounting module includes everything you need to turn your financial accounting experience into simple clicks. Take your business to the next level and start closing your books in record time immediately at the end of each month.

  • Unlimited Re-Posting Capabilities
  • AP Aging
  • AR Aging
  • AR and AP Reporting
  • Factor Interfacing (EDI available)
  • GL Account Distributions
  • Customizable List Columns
  • Excel Exports
  • Flexible Financial Calendars
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Multiple Currency
  • Batch Cash Posting


  • Reporting

Multiple parameter selection, Excel export, Custom report per installation (Automated email report)

  • Saving report with original condition
  • Summary/Detail switch
  • Cross tab reports
  • Company/Sales overview graph reports
  • Custom report at minimum cost