Services Provided by FashionFlow™

  • Shopify Integration Service

Daily order download, Inventory Update, Tracking number update

  • 3PL Service Solution

Bin location pick ticket, FedEx, UPS integration, Shopify integration

  • In-House EDI service

A better solutions than 3rd party EDI services. While 3rd party EDI costs you more than actual In-House EDI, NYPS In-House EDI service provides you real In-House EDI experience while you are keeping your existing system. No more double data entry and no extra expense as you shipping more through 3rd party EDI services. Our flat rate service will keep your billing amount the same no matter how much you are shipping to your customers.

  • Custom Build Application

Application development for the unique business requirements is one of our specialties as well.
Many of our customers are from other industries such as transportation and the exhibition businesses.
Our web application build team is outstanding and have a lots of success story in eCommerce and other enterprise level intra-net web application

  • System Integration

Business system often need to communicate with other type of systems such as retail POS systems, eCommerce(Shopify, Magento), EDI buyers, vendor, through file exchange or direct data exchange. One of our specialties is integrating FashionFlow with other business systems in many different ways depends on your budget range

  • Database Administration Service

Providing Configuration, Monitoring, Routine Database Administration, and Backup and Recovery Implementation services of your database. This also provide a way to schedule automated KPI & Invoice email from the database level.