McGuire’s designer, Marianne McDonald, is an experienced denim person, having formerly worked for Joe’s and GAP. Just recently she decided to create her own denim brand:

-”I’d like to think the collection brings to life this idea, of the luxury in utility, by pushing the boundaries of traditional workwear, rendering it relevant for the modern creator – with silhouettes that lengthen the legs, slim the thighs and give new life to the workwear and architectural details that inspired the collection.” –

While traveling in France, Marianne visited Nîmes- the birthplace of denim in the 1500s. It is there, after continually seeing the city’s motif of the crocodile chained to the palm tree, that she decided it would be the inspiration behind the button of her soon-to-be denim collection.

And as we, the Denimology team, totally supports environmental and charity efforts, we give a big KUDO’s to Marianne and wish her a lots of success in her new venue – see below:

-”McGuire has partnered with Nobel Laureate Wangari Matthai’s organization The Greenbelt Movement and will plant a tree for each piece sold. “I chose The Greenbelt Movement because of its efforts to combat deforestation through community building and the empowerment of women. (The Greenbelt Movement hires women in Kenya to plant seedlings, lead environmental stewardship seminars and tend to the tree nurseries thereby improving their local environment and providing economic stability through employment opportunities.) I found the empowerment of women particularly exciting since we’re a denim collection designed for women and I think that women helping women is something we should all strive for.” –

The collection is made completely in Los Angeles with stretch fabrics from Italy and Turkey.