Marianne McDonald on her label McGuire and the perfect pair of jeans.

After working at Gap and Joe’s Jeans, designer Marianne McDonald went out on her own withMcGuire, a denim label appreciated for its work-wear roots and polished look.Favorite pair of jeans you ever owned and why:
While I’d like to say I have one favorite, probably the opposite is true. I think I start most sentences with, “This is my favorite jean…” and it will always be a new pair of jeans we’re experimenting with around the office. Today my favorite is our Valetta Straight. It feels glamorous yet easy.Color or cut of jean you’re excited about right now:
I can’t stop wearing my Inez Patch Flares in Kansas City, named after the favorite hangout of David Bowie and Bebe Buell. For these we took our cues from classic patch pocket pants from the 60′s and 70’s. The welt pockets at the top and just a peek of gold hardware hint at the decadence of that era.What do you try to accomplish with every season?
I’ve always loved the idea of a glossy take on heritage denim. My design team and I are inspired by the concept of clothing being able to make your life better. A bit more glamorous, a bit more fun…for Spring we have our fringe legging in Ponyboy. I love seeing the girls running around the office with a half tucked tee with the swish of fringe ready for post-work festivities.Why did you choose to design and focus on jeans?
Denim is one of the only mediums in fashion that you beat up, knick, sand, and bleach in the hopes of being able to tell a story and illustrate a past, present or future that you imagine. That, combined with the ability to magically look like you have the bum of a ten year old…and legs for miles doesn’t hurt either.

Tell us one trick of the trade:
There’s a moment in the dressing room when you’re trying on some fantastic piece and you imagine how owning it will transform your whole life. When we’re in fittings I make sure the model has officially been transported to Lake Como with her lover, Giovanni.

Denim style that you wish you could resurrect from the grave.
The first-ever created jean from Nimes, France.

Is there a city that inspires you?
Having lived in New York or L.A. for most of my life, I’m naturally drawn to these cities and I like the idea of creating a wardrobe that translates well in both.

Favorite denim icon:
Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. He’s a chameleon and she’s Jerry Hall.